Larry L. Zellers

Larry L Zellers is the Creative Director/Education Coordinator of Fabulous Image. Larry L Zellers has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, from being a master stylist, circus performer, model, actor, and makeup artist to working in the medical hair loss industry.

Company Core Beliefs

Fabulous Image guides itself by the following principles, placing us in the most suitable place in the beauty industry. We built our business model based on these principles.

  • The Fabulous Image Difference

    The foundation of Fabulous is the belief that we need to go back to Nature. We use all-natural and vegan products and educate on their best use to enhance our beauty. It's about feeling good about yourself for using natural products and saving our world.

  • Integrity

    We treat every consumer with dignity. We believe that when
    people feel treated fairly and respected, they feel honored.

  • Mission

    Fabulous Image's mission is to provide all-natural vegan cosmetics to our consumers, provide beauty education, and give back to society by providing a safe recycling program for expired and old makeup and brushes. At Fabulous Image.,we hold environmental and social responsibility personally. It's our world, and together we can go back to Nature.

  • Vision

    Fabulous Image's long-term goal is to enhance our consumers' confidence by educating and using all-natural and vegan cosmetics and reducing the landfills from reused, recycled, and re-purpose packaging.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is the foundation on which we build the organization. In all our dealings, honesty will be at the forefront. We ensure a regular core safety audit. We also pledge ourselves to the entire company to promote methods and practices to assure a quality product and customer satisfaction. Thus, we will elicit customers' feedback and incorporate them.

  • Curiosity

    We are a dynamic, multifaceted company that continuously seeks innovation and growth areas. Continuous improvement will be a cornerstone of our philosophy. We constantly challenge the way we do things to find better ways.