Skin Care Lessons

Skin Care Lessons

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Fabulous Image offers a great Basic Skin Care Lesson package. Designed to teach all beginners how to properly clean their face, shave, hydrate, and prevent skin breakouts.

The package includes a full consultation, vegan makeup products, 5+ hours of one-one classes, and a follow-up.


  • Consultation is Approximately 1-2 hrs
    1. Consultation Appointment is made in Advance through the website.
    2. $150 to schedule the appointment. NON-REFUNDABLE applied to your balance.
  • Your Skin Care
    1. Skincare routine
    2. Shaving
    3. Moisturizing

Class A – Skin Care

    1. Class Appointment
      1. The appointment is made at the consultation.
    2. Skin Care (2-2.5 hours)
      1. Sanitation
      2. How to avoid skincare breakouts
    3. Shaving
      1. Cream, lotion, and oils
      2. Type of razor
      3. Direction
    4. Hydrating
    5. Unwanted Facial Hair
    6. Eyebrow Shaping
    7. Eyebrow Hair Removal Options
    8. Ear/Nose Hair Removal

Refresher Class

Schedule an appointment with us for a refresher class.