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  • Cruelty Free

    With Fabulous Image natural cosmetics we make healthy and beautiful natural beauty products that are made with cruelty-free formulation practices. All of our products are proudly Vegan, free from phthalates, GMOs and SLS'
  • What is vegan makeup

    Vegan makeups are cosmetics and products that are not tested on animals or contain animal products. What vegan cosmetics cannot have: beeswax, honey; carmine (carminic acid, cochineal, cochineal extract)
  • Made with beeswax

    Our products are handmade and crafted from all-natural ingredients. We add beeswax, an ingredient that has been used by humans for thousands of years, to help give our products a solid form without the need to use preservatives or chemicals.
  • Drag Package - $1,500

    Fabulous Image offers a great Drag package. Designed to teach Queens how to properly wash their face, pick out makeup that complements their skin tone, and two different makeup applications, Basic Face and Party/Performing Face.

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